I own a roland microcube and I run my guitar and electric piano through it so I can use the built in effects. Is the best way to record from it to buy an external mic or to buy a cable that runs from the microcube to my computer? Im new to recording so I have no clue.

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Well, using an external mike will pick up a better sound, but if you want to just start, get a cable from the microcube to the computer, assuming you have a decent soundcard installed.
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the micro cube records best from the record out jack on that amp due to its smaller 5 inch speaker. It even states this in the manual.

Run to your line in on your stock sound card or buy an audio interface with 1/4" line input and on board preamp. I think the Fast Track USB works well for this.

sound samples running out the record out jack can be heard in my latest Gear Review:
Ok Dave thanks. I didnt think something like that would be in the manual so I didnt bother checking