Hey guys, i wanted to know if it was possible to rig your 360 to a computer monitor, since my monitor has the red yellow and white cables, is it possible?

Yes, poop.

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Try and let me know. I have an HD monitor but no other HD screens to hook my xbox up to.
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you could do it that way but it wouldn't be HD
if you get the xbox 360 VGA cable then it would be full HD (1080p)

Although if you went for the VGA cable then you'd have to get some separate speakers as well.
I've seen adapters online that you can get, but as I recall they were decently expensive.
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I think so, it does not seem like much would be stopping you.
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i hooked mine up to my screen but thre was nowhere to input the sound cable so i had hd but no sound so i went back to my big old trusty colour tv