Hey guise. I'm currently learning to play they keyboard and I'm picking up pretty fast. The problem is, the current one I have isn't cutting it. It's a Yamaha PSR-170, and it works well so far to learn to play the keyboard on, but it sounds like ****, and is totally useless for anything else. I'm looking to get a new keyboard, but I can't tell which keyboards are "serious" keyboards and which are just toys like the one I have. Can anyone here tell me in relatively simple terms?
as long as it isn't a barbie brand or bought from toys r us it should be gold

and yes, i have no knowledge whatsoever on keyboards
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Most keyboards that aren't expensive sound like crap, just because he's got a piece of junk doesn't mean he went to Toys R us.

Anyways, to OP, you'll want to get something like this:

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Well, I have recently bought a PSR-E313 and I'm not disappointed. It has 61 touch sensitive keys, 100+ different voices (which are great for a low-end model like this), lots of backing drum beats to choose and about the same amount of demonstration songs (100+). Also, you can split the keyboard in two different voices, have dual voice tone, adjust reverb and quickly record your playing. Here's a link of it's features: http://www.yamaha-keyboard-guide.com/yamaha-psre313.html
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