I have a Epi LP Standard, left handed (among others). Recently I found a guitar shop in Houston, Texas that caters to left handed players and had the opportunity to test drive a Gibson LP. While I found the Gibson to be a fine guitar, I can't understand why it is worth around four times as much as my Epi. Granted I only played it for about 20 minutes, but I really didn't see much difference between the two. Could someone please explain the difference to me? Thank you.
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Gibson has hand selected wood, and nitrocellulose finish put onto it. And Gibsons are made in America, and it's alot more expensive to make stuff in America.
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^And the name Gibson is on the headstock
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You will be paying for the gibson name a bit, the price gap is a little unfair, but like that guy said, better wood, better construction quality, oh and ace pickups
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O yea I forgot to mention the pickups are great too, but they only contributes to a few hundred $$$. And I also forgot Gibsons come stock with Klusons, or Grovers. Don't know what Epi's got.
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O ok, Epiphones are great, the only reason I don't have one is because I'm saving for a Gibson and I don't want to have to spend $600 on and Epiphone and it take me that much longer for a Gibson LP.
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My intent was not a verses thread, sorry if I misnamed it. Being left handed I had NEVER before had the opportunity to play a Gibson. I was mearly seeking advice before spending all that money.
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no versus threads.

you should read before acting so brashly this is a question about what is different not which is better.
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If i had a choice between a Gibby LP standard and an Epi LP standard the Gibson would be my choice.

All the epi's i've used are usually just bland compared to gibsons unless you find a good one, like my g400 had better acoustic qualities than the other epi's i've used.
I hated the Gibson LP Doublecut Special I tried. It just felt really uncomfortable and rough.

I got a nice blues sound out of it, though, and it wasn't particularly expensive either - only about $650 (they were on a stimulus sale).
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