I am selling a 1997 Pedulla Rapture 4 string bass guitar for $950.
I am the second owner of this bass, i owned it for about 3 years and the rest is from the first owner.
The bass has a small chip from the first owner accidentally hitting a mic stand during a gig and a hole where the E string tunning peg is, because the first owner put a Hipshot(http://www.hipshotproducts.com/index.htm) there and removed it when he sold it to me. also there is a neck wear on from playing alot from the first owner and me.
I am selling this because i am in need of money to buy new equipment. Besides that everything on the bass is perfect. I have more pictures of the bass, please ask if you want to see more pictures.

what a steal, you shouldnt have trouble selling this!
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this bass is still up if anyone is interested, the date of the bass is 1997 btw.