I Just started playing guitar a few months ago and now am getting around to learning full songs. I have the whole song down to Coheed and Cambria's A favor house atlantic but need a question answered.


For this part the open string rings out so loud that it makes the next 3 notes hard to hear till I get back to the A string. I've been playing around with trying to palm mute the chord so the open string doesn't ring out over the top of the next few notes, even though the tabs don't call for a palm mute there. Is this the correct thing to do or can someone give me some insight on what do do there.

Also same thing with the fill part of the song.


Thanks for the help.
Either do what soccerguy said or, as you go to pick the notes on the G string, rest your hand on the lower strings.

EDIT: If I were you, I'd come back to this later. Muting strings like that is really something that comes with playing time. I never practiced doing it, it just came naturally after I'd been playing a while, and I don't even notice when I do it.
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So just left and mute enough to let the open string be heard but not ring out? This was already something I was trying to do but wasn't sure if that was what was really done or not. Thanks for the help