i know that many guitarist's go on about how they were influenced by them, and i can partly understand this but they just too, weedy for my taste

give me a reason why i should listen to them a bit more

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Seriously though, the self-titled debut will always be the best thing Maiden put out. So check it out if you think it will be to your taste.
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
You don't have to listen to them. But at least you didn't say they are crap, just because you don't like them.
As long as you're not ignorant, it's ok to dislike a band. But as Slaytanic said, listen to their s/t album. It's perfection.
Why would you make a thread about this

You don't HAVE to listen to them to be a metalhead at all.

But check out Rime of the Ancient Mariner or To tame a land. Both exellent songs with great guitar tone, great musicianship, and amazing vocals. My opinion, at least.
Honestly I didn't like them untill I heard that new Karrang! Compilation with a bunch of cover songs on them. That made me like it. If you want, check that out. It's called Maiden Heaven.
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Im not a metal person at all but I like them. I cant take them serious though. I think they're hillarious. Their songs are so extreme and the lyrics try so hard to be epic. Not amazing but a good band overall.
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They're kinda power metal (or at least they influenced just about every power metal band ever), so yeah, they don't exactly have the most down-to-earth lyrics ever, but as with a lot of metal, maiden's more about musicianship. EPIIIC vocals, EEEPIIIC guitar solos, EEEEPIIIC ... you get the point.
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Honestly I didn't like them untill I heard that new Karrang! Compilation with a bunch of cover songs on them. That made me like it. If you want, check that out. It's called Maiden Heaven.

is that a joke or ...?

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I hated Iron Maiden for a long time. I enjoy them from time to time now. I still prefer Judas Priest if we are going to get into that ages old rivalry.
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I didn't like them much at first but after hearing more songs I started liking them. Check out the songs "Fear of the Dark" & "Stranger In A Strange Land" they are a couple of my favs.
What the hell does weedy mean? If your talking about actual marijuana than I have no idea how you came to that conclusion with Iron Maiden.

Oh and Aces High FTW!!!
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they've got a lot of different sounds. Their first 2 albums have Paul Di'Anno which I actually prefer over Dickinsons' vocal style. Their next 3 albums (Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, Powerslave) all were great and had lots of heavy metal with some speed metal and power metal elements in the making. After this they released Somewhere in Time & Seventh Son of a Seventh Son both of which utilized synthesizers as well, which some say added extra depth and epicness and others dislike because synthesizers are usually attributed to horrible pop songs from the 1980s. I don't think they included much synthesizers in any of their other releases. In No Prayer for the Dying, Adrian Smith (one of their lead guitarists) left, so they introduced Janick Gers on guitar which gives this album a different feel. The X Factor, Bruce Dickinson left and was replaced by vocalist Blaze Bayley, who has a very different feel from Dickinson, and recorded both X Factor & Virtual XI with Iron Maiden before both Dickinson's and Smith's return to Maiden with Brave New World. Also Virtual XI has very extensive use of keyboards. Brave New World, Dance of Death, and A Matter of Life & Death have all been recorded with Dickinson, Smith, Harris, Murray, Gers, and McBrain.

Personally I prefer Iron Maiden & Killers era over all the other albums. From the Dickinson period my favorite has to be Powerslave by far. all of the other albums are great and have some very memorable parts and lots of EPICness as people have said. However, I really don't like any of the albums that much after No Prayer for the Dying. Fear of the Dark is acceptable, however for me I believe after Seventh Son of a Seventh son, they started going soft. I mean if you listen to A Matter of Life & Death (album) and compare it to Number of the Beast or Powerslave (albums), there is so much more intensity in the earlier albums than the current ones. They can still compose songs, which is great, and have a epic feel to it. But they almost sound more power metal these days than even NWOBHM or anything similar.

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Go on youtube and look up Fear of the Dark, Sign of the Cross and Hallowed be thy Name live at rock in rio. They are amazing live and those are some of their greatest tracks ever
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