how effective would placing an eq pedal in front of an amp compare to me running it through the FX loop?

common sense says that it would work alot better in the loop but im a bit strapped on cash to afford 2 more long cables (i dont have anything running in the loop right now).

would using it in front of the amp still work out well?
I've never put a pedal in the effects loop of any of my amps, and I've gotten some pretty neat stuff out of EQ pedals. It'll be fine in front for now, and if you don't tweak it a lot or need to switch it on in mid-song, you can get away with shorter cables.
heh good to know.

yeah i was thinking of just sticking it next to the amp eq but im building a pedalboard right now so i figured i might as well have my stuff take up the space
i think in the loop it does more to your gain and saturation. Like if you boost the mids it gives you a bit more gain than if you had it in front. And if you boost level if will push your amp more than in front, but nothing different with just eq.