How would I figure out the width/thickness of the neck on a guitar? Is it listed under the specs on the guitar normally?

Also does the type of wood have anything to do with the width or thickness? I imagine it would just depend on the guitar they were making.

Help anyone?
wood doesn't have anything to do with it....the cut it down to whatever size they feel like

how do you figure it out? measure it

sometimes its listed under specs too

most guitar necks are 42mm or 43mm wide at the nut

no idea about any other numbers
I thinkthe Ibanez Wizard necks are like 17mm thick....maybe 19, can't remember. A strat is something around 21mm, a gibson probably around 23mm..... don't quote me on these numbers
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Would they say the neck listings on the guitars brand site?

I know you could get neck size somewhere on the Ibanez site
the Fender site has at least nut width
Gibson too I think
u measure it at the nut (boneish thingie btwn the tuners and the fretboard but u prob kno that)
maby at the 12th fret too but it depends on what u need them 4

for the thickness of the neck u need a set of calipers idk how elce u can get it.....

yes its nut width is normally listed under the spec's

wood doesn't affect the neck size at all only the manufacturer/luther who made it

anything elce just PM me