i play songs using the tabs here. some of the songs i play need specific tuning so it sounds right. i already know how to tune standard, half step down, and drop d.

how do i tune my guitar to:

b tuning,
c tuning,
d tuning,
drop a,
drop a#,
drop b,
drop c.
drop c#
open c,
open d,
open e,
open g ???????????????????????????????????? thanks
zomg alternative tunings are so easy dude!!!11

Step 1: Type your goal tuning into google.
Step 2: Read the results.
Step 3: Repeat.
what are you tlaking about? I am a noob please dont confuse me with big words liek that.

ill be the non-ass here, and tell you how to get to B standard. there is a thread in the new user forum though i think with the rest

Match pitch between your A String and String, drop your e string down so that its like your tuning to standard from your A string (which is now an E, making your low E a B) And then tune your other strings like you were tuning in standard E ( 5th, 5th, 5th, 4th, 5th frets thing)