Ok so i just bought my new guitar (jackson kvx10) and now i need to change the amp, i'm still using the one that was in the pack with the old squier i own. I don't need much power (the one i'm using now it's 15w and i never go more than 2/10 xd) cause i live in an apartment building and i usually play with headphones but still i wan't a nice metal sound (death & black). My budget is around +200€
A friend told me about the Peavey "Envoy 110" but i don't know, it's this one Envoy 110.
i wouldn't mind selling my envoy 110 :P
Look at the vox valvetronix and the roland cube, the two best practice amps around.
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Quote by tomguitarworshi
i wouldn't mind selling my envoy 110

Asd, why? sux or just need a new one?

To be more accurate, what i'd like to play is like:
Death, Immortal (the heavy part) and becker, malmsteen (the neoclassical part) xd.
Cube most definitely.
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