Hey all!
We're the viking metal band Dëth Mäsk!

The world's greatest Viking Metal band! Born from the cursing mouth of Bjärni the Magic Goat, Deth Mäsk has grown from the small gang of travelling Vikings into the great band of Minnesängers that it is today. They have gained vast riches through stealing, pillaging, worker's comp, and vikingery to create an awesome style that has yet to be duplicated. Their unique style, some call it "Viking," some call it "Metal," others, simply "Deth Mäsk," has catapulted them to their fame in the Gøteland and Vikingerstån. Those who stand in their way, Dëth Mäsk knows no mercy!

Check us out here

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lol. now all they need is a funny stage show that involves a viking who loves pancakes.
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Denny Crane.

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touche vman, touche

mate. feed. kill. repeat.
I see what you did with the "Deth" part, stealing it from Megadeth.
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This man deserves my +1


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Actually, our name came from a Quiz Bowl completion at our school. The answer was Death Mask - as in the plaster molds of someones face made after they died. We spelled it weird and thought that it would be a funny band name.
Any similarities to MegaDeth are unintentional.
If he means the sound quality, +1
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guitar solo - "meh, every song got one"
bass solo - "OMGZ0R U IS PRO MENZ"

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Sir I would like to sex your bass.
lol. Sorry, but I laughed. I acutally like it, and it's kind of funny.
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