I have this old Suzuki acoustic guitar that is 21 years old (yeah who knew suzuki made guitars). Anyway, the strings are very high off the fretboard, which makes it harder to play. I tried changing the strings and it didn't help. Would using lower gauge strings help? Is there an easy way to make it easier to play? I am open to all and any suggestions!

Thanks a lot!


The saddle is already extremely low. Maybe 1-2mm. Is that usual? But the bridge seems to be raised a fair amount off the body. Is there an easy way to adjust it?

Thanks again!
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The way to lower strings on an acoustic is to take off all the strings and file down the saddle (the little white thingy the strings sit on in the bridge).
Lower gauge strings would make it easier to play but that would make it sound bad since acoustics should have at least 11s to be manly. 12s would be even better.
Do like the Picker said and sand down the saddle. If you're not confident to do so, get your local shop to do it for you. But remember, you can always lower it, but to make it higher, you're going to need to buy a new saddle.
^ Yep, make sure you have an extra saddle handy if you mess up and sand it down too much. Or if you can't get one, at least sand it a little at a time so you don't go too low. If you do go too low, you'll start getting fret buzz, which is no fun.
I actually cut like half of the saddle off and re filed the top of it. Plays like a dream.
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