submissive/slave maid

Job Description:
i am a 20 year old slave looking for work as a maid. i need to work enough hours to make $150-250 a week... i will work Monday-Friday for 8 hours a day cleaning, cooking, taking care of pets, and performing any other household duties you may have. i can address you as you wish with a Sir, Mam, Master, Miss, or any other title you see fit. i would prefer to work for a single dominant man or woman during the day, but if your daytime work schedule will not allow for you to supervise me, i will consider working at night.

i do not need constant supervision to perform my assigned duties, but if it is something you want to enjoy, then i am more than willing to accommodate you. i am used to taking critiques and verbal humiliation, so please feel comfortable contacting me with any terms or questions you wish. the ashland/wooster area is most familiar and convenient for me, so i prefer any clients be local to me.

What the folk?
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