I recently, after much consideration, brought the Fender Limited Edition Sig. John Mayer Strat (the one in Cypress Mica.. 500 guitars to be made.) but after showing it too some friends, they remarked how i didnt have a production number for the guitar.. eg. Number 231 out of 500 etc. Does anyone know for Fender Limited Editions Strats, are u supposed to recieve a production number? or do they not come with the guitars?

Thanks.. Sorry if this post is in the wrong area of the forum.. i wasnt quite sure were to place it..
does it have a serial number? post it here and someone might be able to give expert advice. If it doesn't have a serial number, you my friend were f*cked.
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may be in the neck pocket, or underneath the neck plate
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thank you all.. ive sent Fender an email.. im currently travelling, so as soon as i get acces to a screwdriver im going to b removing the pickguard.. thanks again.
Yeah, you may have to do some body-cavity searching.

Did you buy it brand new? With a case or something? Maybe it would say on like a tag or something... but yeah, you might wanna check by removing the plate on back... or something, although it should be readily/easily viewable.

I don't like the feeling I'm getting from this... :O
I brought it first hand from the West Hollywood GUitar Center.. included case, strap, cable, velcro strips and a warranty.. and the back spring cover isnt installed on the guitar... its a feature of the guitar.. but i cant see it anywhere in the back tremolo area.. i have a serial number but not a production number..
Go back to GC and verify with them. It's the safest way to make sure. Although, I really think that Guitar Centre, being a legitimate company, wouldn't jip you like that. Never hurts to check, though.