I was listening to one of there newer songs called heros of our time, i noticed 2 things about dragon force.

1. most of their songs sound really similar, especially the solos.

2. ever notice that dragon forces' music sounds like the background music in a classic mega man, or sonic game.

3.(just to add something nice in), ive seen herman li's new signature ibanez.. it's a pretty nice guitar, his signature hand print on the top left cutout and the pick up layout is pretty confusing(see ibanez website to know what im talking about). anyone know anything about this guitar and whats your opinion on it.
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* Reported * I dont think anyone cares what you think of DragonForces songs, after the hundreds of other threads about people expressing there oppinions, nor do i think this belongs in musician talk. Mod can leave it open if this is the right place.

And hermans guitar = win, by the way