Hey all,

I'm the guitarist for the band Miles Militis but most of the recordings on the myspace I wanna show you are just me and some drum loops. Check them out, they're like experimental rock...Deftones-sounding at times.

Unfortunatly, when I'm trying to listen to stuff on myspace, it more often then not makes my computer freeze up Dx But I did get to listen to a minute of "Cancer" and I liked what I heard, for the most part. There was something about the clean guitar tone that really got on my nerves, I'm not sure what it is though. It just didn't feel right, and at some points felt annoying, it might just be me. The heavier part of the song I liked, and came from the soft section very well.
The Pit. The Movie.
dude download it, the second half I think is better than the first...worth it if you enjoyed the first bit.