Hi, we are pretty much a metalcore band from Winnipeg called Shadows Betray. We have two songs recorded, let us know wutcha think.


Constructive cristism please, you guys know the rules
Listening right now:

Black Hearts Still Beat: Guitars are off tune with each other. Kills the "intro" you guys are trying to lead into. Vocals could be more solid, rhythm vocals sound a little lazy. Drums have little to no resonance, and the sound feels really stiff because of it. Song structure works out pretty well, and doesn't seem to get too dry even being metalcore. Should try to fade the screams out instead of ending quickly, but that goes back to the stiff sound. Has a lot of potential nonetheless

Forever Falling: Like the intro. Change of pace. Gets a little off time before the heavy part comes in. The transition needs to be calibrated a little more as far as vol/EQ goes and it could turn out REALLY badass. Singing is completely off key here, just need to stay on top of the pitch. Song structure here is lacking compared to the first song. Feels a little dull in some places.

Although the quality used to record the vocals is dry, the vocalist is not bad himself. Just work a little more with what you got instead of writing a lot, because you guys can seriously get a decent sound if you work at it.


^^^ My metal band. I think you'd enjoy us. Open for critique as well.

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