Real Name: Dylan Thomas Doyle Debelis

Age: 18

Location: Portland, Oregon. Moving to New York in 23 days.

Favorite Artists: Sage Francis, Belle & Sebastian, They Might Be Giants, Mountain Goats, T.A.T.U, Abba, The Unicorns, Violent Femmes, Weakerthans.

An artist we should listen to is: Vengaboys. Are back in town.

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically): Conor Oberst. Hands down. All of what I write is somehow inspired by him, for better or worst.

Favorite poet/poem (published writer): Ted Kooser “Flying at Night”. That poem is what I aspire to be.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: Matthew Erman, he gets all the chicks… in his pants… right now.

Why Do You Write: I write to have a purpose to fall back on when every other purpose fails, as they always do. I write because I can’t stop myself no matter how much it has haunted me and how much it will continue to hurt. I write to dehumanize villains and create heroes. I write to faith, for faith, and because I have faith that there is something holy in what I do. I’m not looking to find truth and I’m not looking to emphasize truth that I may believe. I write to help people who read my poetry try to find some sort of beauty in any small series of events. I write to be melodramatic, to be able to write rambling paragraphs like this for no goddamn reason except to come to the same conclusion:
I have no idea why the hell I write, but I like to. Makes me feel like Jesus.

Favorite word(s):
Wee-ow. Eye. Hurt. Penis. Wee-ow.

Favorite technique/style to write:
Sitting on a bed, couch or bench in the middle of the night with myself or some candles or just the dark and beating at my body with my irreparably small hands until every single thought I can think has oozed out of my pen and my mouth. Twisting myself mentally and physically until the world’s throat closes up and things slow down enough for me to deeply analyze everything wrong with myself. There is no greater feeling then waking up to a vodka bottle, a bruised stomach, a fractured ego, and a notebook filled with things no one will ever read. You will never have more power over the world then at that point.

Favorite Writer on UG: You all know who you are.

Most Helpful Critic: Used to be Jared. Shout out to Jamie. Maybe Skag or Carmel (she recently gave me the best critique I have ever received, recreational or otherwise). But I’ll say me. When I fully critique something I fully critique it and really try to help the author to the best of my ability. I have for hundreds of pieces. I want to acknowledge myself here because I’m selfish and because I really truly do love critiquing the (sometimes) excellent work of my peers. I love talking about intellectual things (like poetry composition) with intellectual people (like most of you). It really turns me on.

What do you do especially, to find inspiration: Ride busses, watch wrestling, sever connections to people I’m close to.

Your Most Recent Work and Reason behind It: Whatever I last wrote was based on my fear of going to college. I’m fucking terrified honestly. New people are fucking scary.

Tips for Newer Writers: Get a mentor. Have sex with mentor. Write about it. Then give up, because creative writing has no practical uses. This is a world of practicality. Go learn how to use a chainsaw.

What’s your goal in writing: Eventually, to have my own book. And maybe if I get good enough I will be able to go back in time and share a body with Walt Whitman.

Any Final Comments or Thoughts: You all have no idea how badly I wanted this. I have been waiting to be the WOTM again for more than two years. Thank you to everyone who reads what I post, to everyone who reads my blog, to everyone who has been a friend during my time here, and to everyone who is a much better writer than I am or will ever be. If anything, this honor will only drive me to work harder for you people and this forum. And if I leave now, well, at least I’ll go out on top.


Congratulations, Dylan!

This is not a pipe
Aw, 'grats. I love the last answer.
I'm glad you put some effort into your answers, not many people seem to.
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Well done Dylan, I am surprised to find you're only 18.
Gives me inspiration.
Well done.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
If only I'd gotten your advice for new writers when I first started writing.

he's going to sarah lawrence in new york, isn't he?

this is one of the most deserved wotms i've ever read. incredible writer.
Proficiency in chainsaw achieved. Orders, captain?

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

Dylan, you're my age. Wow, that makes me feel less pathetic as a writer, I always thought you were younger than me and that killed me a little inside

Reading your stuff is like listening to Jeff Buckley, no matter how hard I try, I will never sound like that. Congrats man, you're a genius.

I never told you this and yet it seems the most appropriate place to do it. On my old computer, I had that piece you wrote about you and the girl, and how you were going to live in a bottle with her forever, and till fields and live there harmoniously.

I read it whenever I needed inspiration.

You're a great writer, congratulations.

Edit Note;
Now that I notice your favourite lyricist is Conor (how could he not be is more the question) I'm thinking maybe you pulled that analogy about you and the girl living in the bottle originally from the Bright Eyes song and then molded it? Makes it feel even better in my opinion.
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ahah congratulations. i loved the bio caramel. i thought it was pretty funny yet sadly true.

fav. line: Get a mentor. Have sex with mentor. Write about it. Then give up, because creative writing has no practical uses. This is a world of practicality. Go learn how to use a chainsaw. so sad.. but so true
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congratulations amigo.
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secret, aaaaagent maaan.
secret, aaaaagent maaan.
This is late, late, late, but so am I, I got caught up in traffick(ing) and forgot the time.

Well done.
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