Now I don't usually venture into this genre of music, being a more hard rock/metal guy.
But I heard her song "Love Song" on the radio a couple weeks ago, and I loved it for some reason.

Which leads me to my point. I bought the album today, and I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who loved this album as much as I. She's got a great voice, and she is a good songwriter.

I've only heard her two singles (I think...)
But I do like them. I even put "Love Song" on my iPod.
I listen to mostly hardcore punk, but driving with someone who had a radio station that only played the same 20 songs over and over made me listen to Love Song a lot. It was the only song they played that I could stomach, and I actually grew to like it. Downloaded the album and it is pretty decent for this style of music. And shes cute too...
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I absolutely love Sara Bareilles. Listen to Gravity by her, amazing voice, pure talent, even live she can pull it off.
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Insane bump from the grave!

Anyway, her new album just came out, and it's pretty damn good. I'm really into the pop singer-songwriter thing, and I especially like her piano work. Little Voice was a really good album, don't know how well Kaleidoscope Heart compares yet, but the song King of Anything is really, really good. Better than Love Song in my opinion.
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