I've been an avid reader of the Bass forum, but I thought I would promote the band I am in. I do play bass and sing vocals. We are called Time Often Wasted or TOW for short. I know how critical the internet buzz can be, but please check us out! Its hard to describe our music, but we call it rock. We'd love to hear from you guys!

You can either check us out at:



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Sounds like you guys recorded on a macbook or something hahah

You're the guitarist, and mainly do the recording. I am sure you would know!

Anyone else? We would love to hear what you think? Please let us know!
I like the arpeggios on the guitar during the verses of "Carnal Acts". This sounds like it has potential to be a really good song, but at the moment it seems kind of dull (probably due to the recording quality). The entire song seems to be mixed really quietly, and the equalization seems quite out of balance. I'm no production expert so I can't really offer any advice on how to fix that. However, the next thing I'd like to say is that the song is lacking energy. I am sure that when you play the song live it has a lot more energy and the trick is to capture that energy in the recordings (which can be a very difficult thing to do).

All of the songs have potential, but at the moment they sound really bland. I think that things will sound a lot better if you can capture that energy in the recordings. Lastly, before I wrap things up I'd like to say that while your songs sound good, they seem pretty generic and simple (which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view).

If you've got some time to kill and nothing better to do take a listen to my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think of it. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968