i have seen many requests for this tab and i know theres no Thine Eyes Bleed tabs on the internet whatsoever, but its coming

and to those requesting, its not C or Dropped C... its is 100% Dropped B tuning... i have played my tab to the actual song and it definately cannot be anything to do with C

i have up to 2:44 tabbed and not completely sure if i will have the time to finish it, but if i dont then im sure all of you will be pleased with 2 minutes and 44 seconds of it

i have also been working on "Regret Your Fear" which i will release some of that soon


if u wanna talk about music, guitars, or just anything at all,
my AIM is XiphosShr3dd3r

ps. my tab will be in GuitarPro, and i will release it for powertab too since anyone can download powertab for free

just remember to add me on AIM and KEEP IT METAL!

-- Mastatheif (aka Chris Lazzaro)
They're from my home town pretty cool guys
I play a guitar strung with Yngwie's chest hair
Quote by BHC zoley
They're from my home town pretty cool guys

thats pretty sick, so u must know their songs... i hope i make you proud haha