We waste too much. Our attitudes changed from, "It doesn't work, so I'll fix it," to, "It doesn't work, so I'll throw it away and buy a new one."

Nearly everything we buy has way too much packaging. According to a University of Arizona study, forty to fifty percent of all edible food never gets eaten.

I think that this is a big problem that isn't given enough attention. What are your views on this subject?

Hmm. now that you bring it up, I do see your point.

*goes searching through trash*

But srsly, It do see it becoming a growing problem.
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Well, in my professional opinion, Arizona blows and cannot be trusted.

Also, people throw way too much stuff away. It all boils down to the laziness and the "instant results" philosophy that seem to have become unfortunate parts of our cultural values.
yes, waste is a problem. Not to mention, disposable things such as plastics use more petroleum than fuel like gasoline or diesel. If we were to go for more durable materials (like metals), we could reduce waste and use MUCH less petroleum.
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I also agree, people do want things to work and they want them now, the amount of people that didn't know how to rewire a plug in my physics class was unreal lol, but i also have to say that somethings today can't be fixed by the average person, like computer chips, printed circuits etc. Where as in the good Ole days lol everything was wires and things that could be taken out and easily replaced.

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I try and fix stuff that breaks becuse I hate to waste money, and yes it is a problom today. Nothing made today lseems to last long. I have Some of my grandparents and great-grandparents Clothes that I regularly wear. There's nothing wrong with them. All this old stuff is still around, but I can't picture my grand children owning my stuff, I don't think it'll last.
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i work in a resturant, 10 times my body weight of good food gets tossed everyday.

but its all been payed for so its not a problem by me
Check that out. These people go out to look at this hugely polluted spot of water in the pacific, but the plastics already broken down by sitting in the sun for years, so it basically can't be retrieved. One of many things lately that has me worried about how much people waste, and where it goes when they do.
More food=more people.

Since the agricultural revolution, our population has continually doubled.

Read Daniel Quinn's "The Story of B"

It's fiction, but offers a lot of insight into how normal it is to the human race to play God.
And how that's not human nature, and it's not the way man has always been. But, it has been for awhile.

The more comfortable we get, the more discontent we'll be in the long run...

I'm sure I'm off subject, but I'm just trying to let you know that youre looking at the problem from a very small scale.

I think you'll like that.
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