OK, so I'm running an acoustic guitar through a tube amp at this church gig, and lots of times all the other instruments will drop out and It'll just be the choir and me doing like some very rubato arpegiated stuff, and sometimes I feel like It's not filling the room just quite enough. The guitar is a mid-range Alvarez with one of their supposedly godlike MK II saddle electronic systems and I'm running it through an Egnater Tourmaster combo that has a ridiculously clean 1st channel. It sounds pretty good , it's just lacking a little fullness. Would some kind of Preamp be the thing I'm looking for? I bet an Acoustic Amp would be the best solution, but I just don't have the space for two amps in my setup over there.

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you need an acoustic amp.

there is no other way to get a fuller sound, its all the amp.

A good amp can make a crappy guitar sound good, a good guitar won't make a crappy amp sound good.
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Aren't you using the church PA?

If you get a DI box, you can run a low impedance signal to the house, and still run a 1/4 " line to your amp. The sound person can bring out the best in your tone if they know what they are doing.

If you don't have a sound person or one that knows what they are doing, let someone else play your guitar while you adjust the mixer to a tasteful sound.

Of course if none of this is possible, an acoustic amp is your next best choice.
Oh my amp is miked and I'm up in the house real good. I just feel like the acoustic might not be performing to the best of its abilities through an electric amp, but it is a high quality tube amp and I have one of the channels dedicated to the use of the acoustic because it is ridicoulously clean. Call me ignorant, but I've never used an acoustic amp. what exactly is the difference?

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might have to try your idea though flip. They've got a pretty good sound guy over there.

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists