how is this guitar?


i'm most likely gonna replace the neck and pickups, but is it a good guitar to mod with? at least not too crappy to even try?
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Looks alright to me... Uses good woods. Build quality is something you just have to play and get the feel for, so we cant comment on that. Every guitar could be different.

Pickups are easy to replace (passive to passive anyway), but maybe you wont like the trem, and i've heard that can be a bastard to replace.

Try to play one.
I had one. It was the SSS version though.
It was alright. Good woods and all. But the Pups and Tuners needed replacing. The pick ups sounded weak in the SSS form, and the tuners would hold tune for longer than half a song.
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i played the tele copy the other day, great neck and wood just repace the tuners then maybe the pickups and you have an awesome guitar
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i think many people agree that the tuners, pups, and the nut need to be changed