So pretty much im sick of my crappy 10 watt beginner amp from an ashton starter pack and want to get a new amp that is able for bedroom use and for small-medium gigs. I only have a max of $1500AUD and even with our bad overpricing of amps there are still some tube amps that fit under the budget.I mainly play rock/metal/some blues but mainly play foo fighters, guns n roses, metallica, iron maiden and led zeppelin.Any suggestions would be good thanks
Go for a Bugera 333xl combo.... if you can save up a fraction more you could get it with a framus 2x12 and that setup would totally slay for everything!
You could afford a 62XX head and a framus 2x12 but I don't know how they would go for the more medium gain things.
Check out the second hand market, sites like melband, bmusic and music swapshop always have KILLER DEALS!
Orange tiny terror
ENGL 2x12 cab
PRS Singlecut
for 1500 you could get a tiny terror, 2x12 avatar cab and an OD off of ebay.

thats what i was going to do before i decided to go to uni games instead and it should nail everything youre after.