Everything I've heard of his has been excellent.

He should go far.
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A lot of the intros are slow acoustic or slow drum or repetear riff, seems that way...the older stuff is better
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He's awesome, one of my favourite YouTube guitarists.

If he doesn't get famous some day (as if he isn't already) I will lose all hope in mankind.
It makes me kind of jealous that he's my age and plays 10 times, better, but I have no-one to blame for that but myself.
He's amazing, he's so damn talented at such a young age, and puts most liley alot of us pit dwellers to shame
I like his stuff, and fail to see what's wrong with the new stuff.
I have to admire someone who composes instrumental guitar pieces, it's not easy to make them interesting, and he manages.

My one criticism is that he charges to download his stuff, that's sort of pretentious even for someone with his skill. (But he's French so I guess we could expect some arrogance.)
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