any good opinions on this amp?
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good sounding amp.

the only bad thing I can say about it is that it has reliability issues. I have seen a few catch fire at shows, and also just breakdown.
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Good sounding amps... Don't know about the "catching on fire" thing but i have heard that they heat up pretty easily.

A little fan would probably solve the problem though.
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Yea, good amps and there is a fan in my amp. I think they started putting them in the newer models now.
yea I heard about the older ones overheating, but I have not heard about that happening in a while...

I love mine. Usually the only pedal I ever use is a boss GE-7 equalizer in the effects loop, and i absolutely love it, and I just finished building and modding the hell out of a tube screamer, and I absolutely love my b-52
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