Heres a song I've been writing for the last 45 minutes or so, I think it definetly sounds Megadeth ish, but kind of Judas Priesty at times too.

Unlike most of my other songs(but Ive only got like 2 others up here) which are made to be instrumental, I tried to leave definite parts for vocals, I dont know if that makes it repetitive but that would be why for those parts.

The first solo Id probably just make up as I went along if I recorded it, I only put the start bit and the end note on there.

Ill try and crit yours as soon as possible when you crit this but school starts again soon for me so you might have to wait a wee bit(but I will do it!)

For Guitar pro people, I dont know if the drums sound better in this case midi or rse, tell me what you think.
Updated with (better) drums, thanks to NEMs idea

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this is a cool song, has a really catchy rhythm to it.

btw V 22-24 / 82-84 is the best part (i think)
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Definetly sounded a bit like Megadeth. I liked it, especially the two harmonizing guitars that came in here and there. Without them it would be rather boring. One thing I was wondering about is where the cymbals are on the drums? Sure, you have a Crash in there at some places but I didn't see a ride or hi-hat. If you added them the drums would be so much better.

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For the first 4 bars of the first verse, add in a snare. Then on the odd part, the bass drum. I know the sound you were trying to get, but it is still quite light if you have the snare on every 3rd beat. And then the odd hit of the bass drum, it kind of gives the structure.

The main rhythm which you see all the way through the song, didn't wow me. I didn't mind it, but didn't love it or anything.

The lead parts, I liked how you were using... I don't know what scale, but not an obvious one. It was interesting none the less. I reccomend you sing the solo as you play it, an octave lower, or 2, whatever, but try it. While the solos were good, some of it, I think you could do better.

My only other problem is it may drag on a bit to long. And that's about all I can add.