dude that is awesome
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I remember this one time when i unlaced my friends shoes..... He spent a half an hour trying to lace them back up "the right way". I thought he was crazy, until now
I don't know whether to complain that this thread is pointless and retarded, or complain that someone has posted these sites here not long ago.
i couldn't make most of those work on my high top chucks =(

the shoe bag works well though =D
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The checkerboard one is sick nasty.
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I use a few of these. I glad I now have names for them, so I gan be even more of a lacing geek.

Seriously, one of my housemate thinks I'm a freak after I laced the same pair of shoes 4 times in a day before I was happy.

He uses velcro...

Enough said.
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EDIT: these are cool, but I thought it would show how to tie a proper knot. Mine keep untying every 5 minutes. Even tucking the laces into the shoe doesn't help.

have you tried tying the loop twice? thats what i do and they always stay tied
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lolworthy- classicrockboy WIN of thread.
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Who needs laces? Slip-ons are the ultimate form of casual footwear.

Not everyone wears casual footwear all the time...
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Not everyone wears casual footwear all the time...

Assuming most of those laces won't work on formal or uncasual shoes, I suppose we're talking sports footwear?

If so, I agree.