Hey guys

So i wired my fender SCN middle PUP like they said lead to switch, and then the green and black to the ground, but the problem is that when i switch to the middle possition, the sound is almost muted, and when the amp is turned up there is alot of 'unground' noise that overpowers the almost muted note... any suggestion on what the problem might be?


wired exactly like that, but problem with middle pup (as described)

Edit: did not wire in the tone jumper.
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yep, wired just like that with the switch and fender pots, and yes i have one
did you use it? I'm going to assume you did. check your solder joints.
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thanks guys advice helped, tho i ended up talking to my local techie and he said the problem with the SCN is that they have the 3 contact points for 2 grounds and a lead, but on the sides there are 2 more solder points, and he said their worst problem is a contact break on the interior so all he did was heat up all 5 points, and found out one of the outers was disconnected and he just added some solder and heat to it so the internal contact caught and the problem was fixed, hope this info helps....