hey there, apologies if this subject has already been discussed elsewhere. i have looked but could not find. if anybody could help me here, that would be great. i need a delay pedal and a friend of a friend has two to sell so this is my option: a Boss DD3 or an Akai Headrush E1 (the silver one not the blue one). what's the difference in delay between the Boss and the Headrush? and which would you say was better. at the minute i'm going with the Headrush because of the loop feature it has. however, i would not want to go with the Headrush if it means sacrificing a better delay effect in the Boss if you get me. bit confused, thanks to those that can help!
Ive never used the 2nd one,but the Boss DD3 is a standard in delay pedals next to the Line 6 DL4.Personally id say Boss,but your call
Good lUCK!
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It also depends on what kind of delay you are looking for. The Boss is a great delay pedal and no doubt the DD-3 is the most popular pedal ever (I also have one) just keep in mind that the Akai has some analog delay sounds which IMO is the main difference between the two. I for one, prefer analog delay sounds
If you can afford it, the best of both worlds would be the Line 6 DL-4. It has a nice looping secondary function, and the delays are great. It's very versatile and the ability to save presets is awesome It might be a bit overkill depending on the type of music you play though.. If you like Post-Rock music I'd suggest that you get both the DD-3 and the DL-4..
DD-3 is the most reliable and simple delay pedal u can get get..... not more than what u want
hey, thanks for the really useful information everybody! does anybody know the fundamental differences between the delay in the dd-3 and the Headrush E1? I mean is there a massive difference in the delay effect. i know that the E1 is analog but that's all. do they sound like 2 completely different pedals in terms of delay? cheers!