Hi everybody, I was hoping the members of the UG community could point me in the right direction as to which guitar this is...

If you have any idea, don't be afraid to reply!

thanks in advance

whos playing it? that would prolly make it a bit easier to solve.
If it is Eagles of Death Metal, it'll probably be a Maton.
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Sorry to be off subject here, but that thing looks equally as bad as the Reverse Flying V

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Yup, it's Clement Peerens from The Clement Peerens Explosition (cpex), not Eagles of Death Metal. Don't think it's a custom, this really isn't a world class band...

And why? Because I want that guitar! The uglyness has such a cool factor!

PS Clement Peerens also plays a reverse flying V...

Has no one ever seen one like this?