Hi, I've never modded a guitar before, so this will be my first.

First of all, I own a Fender Telecaster Nashville Power. Like this one (only mine's in black)

Now, I want to give it a more warm sound next to the twangy tele sound. So my plan is to replace the middle PU with another one. I want the sound of it to be as "Gibson Classic" as it can be. I don't want to change it to a humbucker so it will have to be a humbucker in single coil size. Only problem is, I have no idea wich one I have to buy.
I was also wondering if this is even possible. Are the wires identical with a single coil and a humbucker in single coil size? If not, are there wires to support the humbucker already in the tele?

So what PU should be good for me?
Oh, I have a Marshall Valvestate Bi-Chorus and I plan to buy a Ibanez TS9.

I know I could easily ask this in a local guitarshop, but I want to hear it from people who use these pickups, not people who sell pickups. Because according to them, everything about that kind of pickup is brilliant...

Problem number two, I think my guitar looks kind of bland and boring. I want to customize it somehow. I first wanted to relic it, but someone told me that the Polyester finish on the guitar wasn't really suitable for relicing.
Is it?
I also have a spare pickguard (it's almost white, very light lemongreen) and I want to paint something on it. The only thing I lack is inspiration. I really want to put something on it, I just don't know what.
So I ask you, what would you do with my guitar?
single coil sized humbucker: Seymour Duncan Hotrail - also has lots of low end.

As for wiring, you could put it in by direct swapping the 2 pickup wires, but then you'd have to wire the humbucker in series and limit yourself tone-wise.

solution - add switching

switching help: http://www.1728.com/guitar.htm

You might even be able to get away with keeping your current pickups and just wiring it for more options. You should try that before you buy a new pickup.

As for painiting your pickguard, just go for it, don't hold back. Believe in the energy you can create. Browse our galleries for inspiration.

good luck