ok, ive been absent from school for 5 days in total (4 days last week, and today). it was confirmed that im moving interstate this weekend or early next week, and i seriously don't want to go to school. the school is beginning to get suspicious (when my mum called this morning, they told her to call the counselor i think, and they contacted the emergency contact). what should my mum tell the school tomorrow?

oh and please no 'just go to school'

edit: i live in australia by the way

edit 2: sorry, i forgot to add, my mum doesn't want the school to know we're going interstate because she doesn't want my dad to know.
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if your mom really loves you she will torch the school and then murder the counsilors
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Dont answer the phone when the school calls! Cmon dude thats basic **** right there.
finish high school and get good grades then do whatever the **** u want
your sick?

family death,

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Why does your mum not want your dad to know?

Ya, wouldn't he kinda notice you were gone?
Red, not answering the phone doesn't work. Atleast here in the states, because the school will send the cops to your house.
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Say you have rabies.
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Why not go with the classic family problems excuse. Doesn't tend to get any further questions.
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Something you definitely need to know
death in the family, but make sure that it isn't someone your dad would know
so, you know, don't say it was because your dad's brother dad or something, he might get suspicious, but why can't your dad know anyways?
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feminine problems is a great excuse, if your a guy, this is better,
because there will be no questions asked
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