I've always wanted a pair of converse all-stars, but I can't seem to decide between the high-tops and the low-tops. Anyone have an opinion?
they're both pretty gay to be honest
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High-tops are a little more classic and bold where low-tops can fit in well with everything you wear. If you want to make more of a statement I guess, get the high-tops.
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Ive got the blk high tops and they own

just dont get red ones or it looks like ronald mcdonald feet
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High tops take a while to put on. And they look bad with shorts XD.
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High-tops!!! Better with pants.
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im not a chuck taylor fan but cant you roll down the high tops if you want to?
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everyone wears converse....... get something original

What do you wear then?
High-tops... Low-tops look rather silly.
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I prefer the high tops. Jeans tend to get slightly stuck between your ankle and the shoe while walking with the low tops and it looks ugly.
+ the low tops look kinda gay
I prefer high tops, but well when I have to put them on/take them off I sometimes wish I have the low cut ones instead.
I had some low-tops and they sucked so get high-tops!
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if you wear shorts and capris more often than you wear long trousers then buy the high tops

then again, check your socks, if you have moar long or short pairs.
Coz long socks with low All-stars is ridiculous...
seriouslt, even if ya low the socks down...
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i dont like converse, i always thought they looked like bowling shoes.
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i got low tops.
I just like the look because they just really look like a pair of sick everyday shoes. The high tops are cool, but they make my legs feel too short.
I have the all black ones.
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They're all ****. But if I had to choose, then the high top ones.
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i allways buy the high tops im getting a new pair is there any way i can have a design i made put onto the shoes???
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i like the high tops. low tops are cute on girls, if that answers your question.

i actually really like them. i find them to be extremely comfortable, and reasonably priced (in comparison to a lot of other shoes).
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Ive got the blk high tops and they own

just dont get red ones or it looks like ronald mcdonald feet


I experienced this first hand.
wham, bam, thank you ma'am!
If I had to choose, which I wouldnt, It'd be the high top ones because they arent as obviously just overpriced, overworn plimsols.
vans are more comfortable, but in your case high just cuz they look more like boots
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Get Onestars. They are really comfortable don't rule them out.
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Get biker boots

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High tops

I don't know if they still sell em, but converse used to make these AWESOME high tops called weapons or something.
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High tops are cool, but I prefer low tops because I don't have to waste 5 minutes taking them off in gym class.
high tops. Low tops look werid. Converse were meant to be high tops.

also, poll?
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