Does anyone know what sort of settings on an amp, or effect pedals, or ANYTHING can help me sound more accurate when I'm playing Joy Division songs?

Their bass soundsed heavily distorted most of the time, but even when I'm playing the songs 100% accurately note wise WITH distortion, they still do not sound right. (This is most apparent with She's Lost Control)

Can anyone help me out?
This is mostly guesswork, but I'd assume there's alot of treble in his sound, and only mild distortion. There's also almost no sustain. try dialling out the lows almost completely, using a pick (if you aren't already) and using a bit of compression.

EDIT:wikipedia had this to say

"For the most part, his distinctive tone comes from the use of a chorus pedal, an Electro-Harmonix Clone Theory to be precise. The Clone Theory has recently been reissued by Electro-Harmonix, and has the same circuitry as the original."

if what i said above didn't work (which is quite likely), that's probably the answer you were looking for.
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i use a behringer chorus pedal, i turn the bass down on the amp and put the treble on full and use a pick
i find joy division basslines sound better when picked too, thats how I play them

lots of treble will also help as said above- i never knew hooky used a chorus though
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