Hey all.

So i decided to change the strings on my guitar today, by myself I cleaned up the fretboard n everythin, it's looking nice.

The only part im having trouble with is tying the strings to the headstock metal bits.... Like is there a way to do it? I thread em through, but they dont just wind round it and stay there.

As i was writing this, i managed to **** the string up aswell. Great.

Is there anything your supposed to do when you have new strings on aswell? Like i know you should stretch em.

Any help or advice to restringing is greatly appreciated.
Put the string through the hole in the tuning peg then put your finger and push down on the string a bit before the tuning peg.

Hard to describe it, tell me if you don't understand and I'll try to rephrase it :P
wind it around the peg a bit and then slide the string through the hole. then wind it up... there ya go
I believe its called the martan (spelling?) lock. Look that up on google and see what comes up. You use it G through high E.
Im telling you this because I can't describe how to do it.
Good luck
-Andrew H
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wrap the post once or twice (more for lighter strings) counter clockwise. Then run the string through the hole and pull it at a 90 degree angle in the clockwise direction so that it will stay. then tighten the string up to tune and stretch it out while keeping it tuned.
I just restrung one of my guitars yesterday....

Anyhow, winding on the peg post takes a bit of practice. I messed up many a string getting the hang of it.

First thing I do is measure about 2 pegs past the peg Im winding, then clip the excess off with wire cutters. Makes the job a bit easier. I then poke about an inch through the peg and give it a slight bend or kink to steady it during the winding.

The next part just takes practice, but after the bend or kink, I start winding. Make sure you are going from the "middle" of the neck towards the outside with your winds, othewise the string will not lay proper and will probably pop out of the nut.

The first wind I do OVER the excess poking through the peg. The remaining turns are BELOW the excess string poking out the peg. Continue winding till the slack is gone, at this point you lay the string in its nut slot and give it a few more turns to hold it in place. Do this will all strings.

Once all the strings are in place, tune them. The do some bends on all the strings to stretch them and "lock" them in on the pegs. You can also pull up on the strings from the fret board to stretch them. Just be careful no to pull to hard. Keep stretching and tuning till the guitar hold its tuning. You will probably have to retune a few more time a day or two later.

This is a basic overview, but it should get you through if you take your time.
^^ Thanks mate.

Gonna have to wait till tomorrow to get some more strings now lol. When i was tightening up the Low E (Is this the hardest one to do?!), the string like made a popping sound, and part of the string...unwound itself so to speak. So it didnt actually snap :<

Lesson learnt.
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