i have a 15 watt kustom amp and when i play on clean it sounds fine but when i use distortion i cant hear the notes of power chords and other chords properly and there is a buzzing noise behind it. maybe time for a new amp or could my strings need changing?

i havent changed my strings since i got the guitar at christmas as it has a floyd rose on it and i play on it a lot.

any help appreciated.


on distortion its just a mess of notes. and my guitar is in tune.
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If the amp sucks, get a new one. A good friend of mine used to use a 10 watt kustom practice amp, the distortion sounded like a it was coming out of a cardboard box.
Yeah, before i got a distortion pedal, the OD on my Fender Frontman sounded a lot like that.

I need a new amp so bad....
I'm looking to buy an Epi Valve Standard. If you've got one up for grabs in the Uk, PM me and let me know.
Try Getting a Distortion Pedal or if you want a better amp look at the Roland Cubes or Vox Valvetronix Series(AD15VT,Ad30VT etc.)
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Guess depends on the amp. A friend of mine has the little kustom tube 12 and the preamp tube makes it sound pretty good. But most low wattage SS stuff just doesnt sound so good.