Hey all, I am CLUELESS in regards to these. I have played a few, namely a nicer Ibanez, an Aria Pro II, and a Washburn. What should I look for. What exactly is the difference between a hollow and a semi hollow in terms of construction? What are some of the best bang for you buck models (around $400). thanks.

EDIT: If it helps, I'm looking at ES-style ones, like Epiphone Dots.
the main difference between a semi hollow and a hollow is that one is part hollow the other is full. im stating the obvious because thats just about it. the middle section of a semi hollow is usually the solid part. hollow bodys tend to be thicker too. its all preference and style.

go with the ibanez semi and full hollows. i got a full hollow ibanez af75 and i LOVE it. my friend got a semi hollow of theirs too, great piece of equipment. both were around 350.
I'm honestly not sure about the actual construction differences, but obviously the full hollow have a deeper sound. Besides the actual sound of the guitar, which is your preference obviously, look at workmanship. If the body has binding or inlays, look for a smooth transition, that kind of stuff.

I'd would really reccomend an Ibanez artcore. I absolutely love these things. I've personally played the AF75 and loved it, and I own an AS103, and it's my favorite guitar by far. Maybe you're looking for something like this?
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semi hollow "get less feedback"

check out the epiphone dot and casino (the casino is alittle above your budget)

look for clean tone primarily, should be really nice and warm in the neck setting, and the bridge on distortion should be nice and thick. You're gunna get feedback though, just a warning.
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I would not be using this in a high gain situation. Mainly playing 60s/70s rock and pop. Jefferson Airplane, some Cream, The Beatles, etc. I was trying to avoid Ibanez tbh, as my last Ibby made outside was junk. I'm leaning towards an Epiphone Dot or used 80's Aria. How is the quality of the Dots?
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epiphone makes amazing semi hollows/hollows. i don't know how much they cost be they are awesome
Are you willing to go used?
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There are lots of vintage Japanese semi-hollow and hollow bodies that you can get in that price range (or cheaper).

My roommate got a fixer-upper 60s Teisco EP-8T for $100 off of ebay.

I like this one.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Well, one I was looking at was a MIJ Aria Pro II, though I'm not sure if the shop still has it or what the price is. I'll have to go back there and see this week.
the Ibanez Artcore series is really good, and so are Epiphones Casino and Sheraton II models.
I haven't played the dot myself, but i know a guy who gigs it along with a sheraton. It did him fine for the time he just had the dot, so i guess its a good guitar.
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Another newbie question here probably, but for the semi-hollow Ibaniez AS103 if you run it through something like a digitech Rp-50 and use a grungy sound (something like Nirvana) am I going to get feedback that makes it un-usable for this style of play?

I'm pretty new to guitar, I have entry level acoustic and electrics at the moment and was wondering if the Ibanez AS103 is going to let me retire both of them, or is it not going to be as good for heavier sounds?

Thanks for any info, much appreciated.
semi hollows are usually a bit smaller and have less feedback.
i have an epiphone dot and im satisfied with it. not bad for a 300 guitar
the only difference in construction is a semi hollow has a piece of wood that goes from the neck to otherside underneath the bridge, the piece is slightly wider than the pickups
also im trying to get rid of my dot if your interested
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Well I bought an Ibanez semi-hollow today. It's like the AM77, but it has the Ibanez Bigsby copy and Cosmo black hardware. I got a great price on it. The craftsmanship isn't bad for the Chinese. Good fretwork and nut work. The finish seemed good, though I'm a tad disappointed the spot behind the neck pickup wasn't finished better The binding work wasn't the best, but you can't really notice it. Plays great and sounds huge. It's buzzless too, which is amazing. The pickups are alright, but my amp can offset that. The small body was also a huge plus, as I looked at some of th ebigger ones but they were too big, the Strat-style semi-hollow wasn't as unique. The 20% off helped too... Can't complain for the small amount I paid.

Ironically, the last place, in town, I went by was having their 20% sale which I forgot about. Wasn't planning on walking out with an Ibanez of all instruments, but for $340 w/ tax, that is REALLY hard to beat. I think it may of been on the rack for awhile, as it could use a cleaning. I can't tell if it has .10s or .11s on it though. They seem a lot thicker than my .09s or the .10s that came on my Gibson V. I'm also shocked the Bigsby-copy stays in tune. It sounds HUGE though. I think the nut is bone, which is a plus. I was really not keen on Ibanez, but I think they were the best bang for the buck, and I hadn't heard of any build issues. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Link to a stock picture:

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