So I'm finally going to buy a tube amp. It doesn't matter if it's a combo or a stack, as long as I can gig with it.

I like to play Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Muse, Deep Purple, Nine Inch Nails, ...
So it would be nice if I can get a decent 70's and modern sound out of it.

My price range will probably be between 1000-2000 euro's.

Amps I currently have my eyes set on: Marshall JVM410H + 1960 Cab (Sounded impressive when I tested it), ENGL Screamer (Sounded great for Deep Purple sound), Marshall Vintage Modern (Still have to test), Orange Rockerverb 50w (Still have to test)

So what do you guys think about these amps? Do you have better suggestions or ideas? Shoot it away, every opinion and advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance.
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Orange and Marshall amps are ideal for the bands you like, and you can get a deep purple sound with either, so I recommend checking those out.
Engl. Marshall quality as been meh...Screamers can get you an awesome low-mid gain level rock sound