i am gonna save up for a wah pedal now that i have a suitable amp to play with and was just wondering which would be better. i play metal and classic rock/blues equally so i heard the 535q is better overall but the bad horsie is cheaper so i was leaning towards the horsie. thanx in advance

I have owned both. The horsie caused insane feedback on multiple amps and multiple guitars.

If your going to get a Morley peddle get the Tremonti.

Otherwise, 535q is the standard.
Hai 2 u
oh, and the horsie also stopped working after about a year. the Dunlop has lasted nearly 3 years without a problem.
Hai 2 u
i'm actually not fond of my 535Q; it doesn't do a really vocal wah sweep for me. The Bad Horsie seems to be able to do that, and the noise from what i hear is caused by using a bad adapter. If you've got a quality power supply it shouldn't do that. My 535Q causes feedback when it's turned on if i dont' have my hand clamped tight on my strings, which is quite annoying, and it's worse with the volume boost on.
i have heard good things about the tremonti, i will check it out also thanx guys. i had a crybaby once, but it broke(some douchebag ****ed it up) so i just want a really something that will last lol
I love my 535Q. Someone said before it doesn't have the vocal sweep, and somewhat I agree, but it gets the job done with subtle wahs (based on what settings you have). Depends on what style you want to play.