when i barr chords, my left thumb (im a righty) starts burning. i no its cuz my fingers rnt strong enough, but does it eventually get stronger? cuz i havent seen much a difference
yeah it definately gets stronger or your muscles get used to it or something cause that used to happen to me but it doesnt anymore. basically it will just get easier with practice. the same goes for stretching across frets.
yep as sed above its all practice,bar chords ae tough to start out with but you fingers will adjust and become stronger but u need to spend time at it..good luck
Music...Enough said.


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I consider myself a very fit guy. Then I started playing guitar and realized it's no joke. lol My whole hand was killing me for a while. but i kept going. it takes time but it'll go away and you won't even realize
It would take some time, just keep practicing. I'm sure you would notice some difference under a week. But to really master them might take a few weeks, depending on how much you practice of course.