I'm looking for a song to learn that uses fingerpicking and sounds "Beautiful" when unaccompanied by vocals, because I can't sing and don't have a band

Any genre, and intermediate difficulty I guess.

Thanks in advance.

Edit -

Tuning doesn't matter
And I have a capo
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faust arp by radiohead FTW
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every song by tommy emmanuel....check out his work, he's probably the greatest acoustic guitar player alive...i suggest his tune called "Angelina"
Blackbird - Beatles
Classical Gas - Mason Williams
Tears in Hevan - Eric Clapton
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Spanish Romance... part 1 isn't hard at all, and part 2 is a bit more difficult, but you should be able to get it in a week or two.
Don Ross!

He will blow your mind!


ohh, and check out Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Mckee, and Antoine Dufour.

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Bruce Cockburn has some pretty cool instrumental stuff too.
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Breedlove Revival Series OM
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+1 on Blackbird
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canon in d especially the version by trace bundy.
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Since tuning doesn't matter, I'd say Name or Sympathy by the Goo Goo Dolls.
Wonderwall (Oasis), I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie), Slow Cheetah (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Roulette (System Of A Down)
Is the acoustic headbanger.
Nakagawa-San by Andy Mckee.

Check out the video in my signature.. I have the tab for it in the vid description as well.
Many songs by Buckethead off of Colma and Electric Tears. All In The Waiting would be a good start for you from the looks of it. Toine's version is correct, it is text but he also has a Power Tab of it(I think)
+1 to tommy emmanuel songs

listen to Angelina, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Since we met, the Robin...those are my favorites
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Winter By Joshua Radin

Seriously. I played that song at my Grandpas funeral instrumentally, then later recorded it. So if you want to know how it sounds instrumentally It's the first track on here.

Beautiful, beautiful song.

Would Go Gay For Grohl.
Stairway To Heaven. I love that song, and it's great without vocals.

Check out the rpoland channel on youtube. That's a fingerpicking paradise.
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Vincent by Don Mclean.

A great song with great music by a great artist. It's pretty easy too but sounds like a million!
Classical Gas by Mason Williams/Tommy Emmanuell
Signe by Eric Clapton
Cannonball by Damien Rice, great without vocals
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Dust in the Wind by Kansas.

That gets my vote. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac is also quite similar.

Then there's always Hotel California, but I suspect that would be much more difficult to get it to sound good with only one guitar.
I'm not too familiar with guitar, so i'm not sure if it's a 'fingerpicking' song.

But listen to "It's A Beautiful Day - Liverpool Express" it's a good acoustic song imo.
whitewash by buckethead (quite hard. but its is beautiful)
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"People Should Smile More" - Newton Faulkner

"Good Excuse" - John Butler Trio

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All the best acoustic artists have dreads

(except for Andy Mckee and Erik Mongrain)

+1 on Ocean by John Butler Trio.

Tommy Emmanuel songs have monstrous stretches for the average player. But, it sounds awesome. And you should check out his "Boom-chick" method like in Day Tripper/ Lady Madonna . It's basically your thumb acting independently from your other fingers. Click the name and check it out!!

Also, check out "Night After Sidewalk" by Kaki King and "Carmine Street" by Kaki King . Just click the names and give em a chance!

Have fun playing man. Peace.
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Since tuning doesn't matter, I'd say Name or Sympathy by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Yeah, Name was the first song I learnt on guitar and I especially love where it picks up towards the end.

Note: Goo Goo Dolls play in WEIRD tunings. But they sounds so good
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What about some Jonathan Coulton?


Scroll down to "Make You Cry" in Thing A Week Four and click the play button (little blue triangle). I know you've maybe never heard of the guy, but his music is outstanding. I would learn it myself, but it's a bit too complicated for me. I can sing it, but not play it.
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faust arp by radiohead FTW

win lol
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