In another a thread I had been discussing this Firebird I am about to start building.

With a lot of advice from various different people, I've been given a ton of great ideas on the finish.

Now something a bit more important than paint - the pickup layout.

Ever since seeing the P-Rails demo'ed at NAMM and then watching the same guy do the demo on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZhJXcSVnfs

I'm pretty convinced I want these pickups. I couldn't figure out which guitar to put them in until now.

After playing a custom shop Firebird with three full size humbuckers in it, I decided thats not for me. They sounded far too similar in every position. I got to thinking about the HSH configuration like the Ibanez, etc...

I just happen to have a Hotrails neck pickup sitting around. (single coil size rail humbucker) I have no place to put it... but maybe in between the P-Rails??

I could wire up some wild switching scheme to do all sorts of pickup selections.

What do you think?
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crazy but imo probably worth it.
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why not?
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Well you guys all seem to agree with me... It's worth trying out.

I figure if they don't jive well, I can always find something else for the middle pickup. The hotrails is just laying around anyway.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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I have neck p'up in the middle position of my strat. Sounds great. I'd say go for it.