Wasnt sure if this was the right place to post but here goes..

I just brought home my first microphone, a Nady USB-24m. Yes its cheap. So I plugged it into my usb port and now when I speak or subject the microphone to any noise the pc wont play back. I have two recording softwares and when I use either to record they both show noise is being recorded through the bars that bop up and down to the noise.

I went to control panel (windows xp) and did the whole mic test and it confirmed after I read the paragraph provided into the microphone that it was working however it would not make any noise when I wanted to play it back. My music works properly and I have sound on videos on youtube. Whats wrong here??
make sure the outputs on the software are both on the right output, turned on and at a volume you can hear... all i can think of....

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