what guitar should i buy i now play a ibanez gax30 but im looking for a new guitar i like the neck so in my new guitar if you could name a model id like btw ill try it in a shop first just so i know what im buying i just need to narrow it down

1) good acces to high frets eg 19 20 and able to get thump round neck like playing normal open chords but soloing very high (if you understand what i mean)

2) be a rock guitar look like im a rockstar

3) sound rock metal id quite like a active emg pickups but not important

4) same type of neck as my ibanez gax30 which i think is thin if you want pics ill try uploading them

5) most important under £500 might reach up to 600 but not much more

6) not a sighnature i dont really like them theyre made for some one else

hope fully people can name some uve got until christmas or january 3rd (my birthday) so any up coming ones welcome ow and i live in the uk so i dont really want to shipping fees
MIM Strat, I dont know the conversion from whatever the hell funny symbol you used to REAL money (american) is, but I think MIM Strat is probably close. If you want a little harder rock try the HSS strat with the humbucker. The strat necks are alot like those Ibanez, I went from a GSA60 to a strat... smooth transition.
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A jackson would be nice for what you are looking at, they are quite similar, and they are like a metal icon guitar...
EDIT: it looks like they put up a new 2008 catalogue too
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Get a dean, Dont know what one, but you'll get a nice one for about £400 quid from GAK
Strat would be a good choice.

But, Jackson (take your pick) or S series Ibanez.
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