Hey guys I plan to buy an empty cab or build one and load with speakers for my 61' Bandmaster. I don't know what speakers I want necessarily. Currently I'm playing the Bandmaster through the 12 Jesnsen C12N in my Hotrod Deluxe, to put it straight I hate the tone I'm getting out of that speaker and its making me really depressed. Recently I was over jamming with my rhythm guitarist and I plugged my Bandmaster into his Fender Twin Amp's speakers and I loved the tone I was getting out of them. The speakers in the amp are fender special design. I think the main difference in the speakers I've tried is that the jensen colors the tone too much in a way I don't like whereas the fender special design speakers in the twin don't color the tone as much.

I need to know what speakers to get the have the tone I want.

If it helps the twin which speakers I played through is the model made before fender added the tremolo feature.
Celestion speakers are allways solid. I guess it depends too, what kind of sound are you going for? What kind of music do you play? Speakers will allways change your tone (as much as changing your guitar),

I think celestion has an "American" style speaker line, so they would be "fender like". You could also check eBay for some speakers, you might be able to find what your looking for there, I just recently picked up some Vintage Celestion speakers for a realy good price.