My sister got into a group for the 48 Hour Film Project. What happens with this is a group is assigned a genre of film, then has 48 hours to write, shoot, and produce a short film. She enlisted my help for music.

The genre turned out to be fantasy, so I got a call from her and the director Friday night asking for something Celtic-sounding (the example I was given was "Battle of Evermore" by Led Zeppelin) to be ready in 24 hours for post-production.

The link below is what I came up with. I capoed my guitar way up and turned up chorus on the recording to mimic the sound of a mandolin, then layered some vaguely Medieval-sounding vocals in Latin, rather than try to fill the piece with my meager lead guitar skills. All of this was recorded on my living room floor with my laptop and one microphone.

The top link on the page is the whole piece in wave format, probably the best for listening. The bottom link is the same in MP3 format. The rest are just individual tracks.

Death to Ovation haters!
awesome couldnt download it cos of ****ty internet but keep posted on how the film looks
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That was really cool, it really did have a bit of a medieval to it. How did you do the latin vocals? Was it you singing and you just harmonized it?

It's just three of me singing. I put my snobby classical music education to work.
Death to Ovation haters!
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