If I can get tips on how to do the part in For Whom the Bell Tolls at 1:17. I got the notes for it, but, its tricky gettin down. If I can get tips please, thanks!
Economy Picking is the way to go. I use my third finger to hit both the notes on the 12th fret, middle on 11 and index on 9. Don't forget to plam mute both strings very slighty.
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well, they're eighth note triplets. so for every beat you'll play 3 notes. it'll be very tricky to play correctly if you're not familiar with playing triplets. just make sure you're using all downstrokes! take it from me, trying to use alternate picking in that section is just begging for trouble.

LIGHTLY set your palm on the strings towards the bridge and start on the 12th fret of the g string as your tab should say and just go from there